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Movies directed by Satoshi Kon (October 12, 1963 – August 24, 2010)

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  • Satsuki Kiryuin: *breathes*
  • Me: oh my god that was beautiful

Silent Hill Shattered Memories - Acceptance

I recently beat Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and it was an ok game but I’ll remember that ending for a long time. That kind of thing really gets to me. Also, I love this song.






Here is a side by side comparison of how The New York Times has profiled Michael Brown — an 18 year old black boy gunned down by police — and how they profiled Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. 

Source for Brown, Source for Bundy.

this is so fucking fucked up and disgusting look at this trash. HOW COULD ANYONE DENY THIS SHIT IS RACIALLY CHARGED? this is beyond disgusting. what a fucking dishonor

The Bundy comparison is interesting don’t get me wrong but did yall see the article they got for Darren Wilson? Yesterday on Aug. 24 published both an article about Mike Brown and one about Darren Wilson. Look at this:

Officer Wilson, who is divorced, was born in Texas but has spent most of his years in these suburbs that surround St. Louis, records show. Family members, friends, colleagues and a lawyer have mostly refused to speak publicly about him, yet those who do paint a portrait of a well-mannered, relatively soft-spoken, even bland person who seemed, if anything, to seek out a low profile — perhaps, some suggested, a reaction to a turbulent youth in which his mother was repeatedly divorced, convicted of financial crimes and died of natural causes before he finished high school in 2004.

“He was a good kid but also a nondescript kid,” said Barney Brinkmann, who coached ice hockey at St. Charles West High School, where some who knew Officer Wilson say he narrowly got enough ice time his senior year to earn a varsity letter. A former next-door neighbor in the small city of Troy, an hour northwest of St. Louis, where Officer Wilson and his former wife lived for about a year, said he recalled Officer Wilson grilling outside from time to time and never causing trouble. And in Crestwood, southwest of St. Louis, where records show that Officer Wilson now lives with Barbara Spradling, a fellow police officer, neighbors said they rarely made much conversation.

It’s almost surprising how blatant it is. was able to reference an elementary school teacher to claim Darren Wilson was “a good kid” but they couldn’t find one to say the same for Mike Brown? Well then I guess there was no teachers to be found with good things to say about him then. Right?

Except wait, no, I just did. Right here in this article:

"My fondest memory of Mike is seeing a big kid coming in with a smile on his face, his headphones on and a big can of iced tea … and say, ‘Hey, Coach K, What’s going on? …. What do you need me to do this morning?’" recalls Charlie Kennedy, a Normandy High School health and physical education teacher. He says Brown was the kind of kid who’d hold court with "four or five kids around him, cutting up and having a good time."

Kennedy became acquainted with Brown while running a credit recovery program the young man was enrolled in that allowed him to catch up so he could graduate with his class. Brown, he says, could be led astray by kids who were bad influences but by spring, he became focused on getting his degree.

Kennedy also would bring in recording equipment Brown could use for rapping - he wanted to perform and learn a trade to help support himself. “His biggest goal was to be part of something,” the teacher adds. “He didn’t like not knowing where to fit in life. … He was kind-hearted, a little kid in a big body. He was intimidating looking, but I don’t think he ever was disrespectful to me.”

Brown loved music even as a young child. Ophelia Troupe, his art teacher for five years in elementary school, remembers a reserved, polite little boy - he’d always respond ‘yes ma’am’ or no ma’am.’ He kept to himself but lit up when she’d play her son’s beats in class as a reward if the students behaved.

"Michael was the one to say, "Be quiet so Ms. Troupe can play the beats,’" she recalls.

Troupe hadn’t seen Brown for several years until they crossed paths at his high school graduation. After the ceremony, they hugged and he told her he’d like to be a rapper and asked if her son would work with him.

The way language is being used to in those two nytimes to influence/shape conversations about Michael Brown’s and Darren Wilson’s characters isn’t even subtle. At face value one article suggests that one person had all sorts of issues, meanwhile the other person mostly didn’t any issues at all except for hey, he had a troubled childhood! Good for him for not following in his mother’s footsteps, clearly all he ever wanted to do was the right thing. Oh but Mike Brown, well… “he got into at least one scuffle with a neighbor.”

say its not about race. say it. you have to be living in a different fucking dimension if you think this is anything BUT race.

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